Saturday, July 19, 2008

Trust not Certainty

Was listening to a podcast at the gym today and heard this great story about this guy's quest for certainty in Gods call, and the intersection of his quest with Mother Teresa.

The guy was from the States, and he felt the call of God on his life -- was sure that God was calling him to do something great. Problem was, he had no clue what that great thing was. Well, he had the opportunity to meet Mother Teresa and he asks her to pray for him, and she says yes. Then she asks "what do you want me to pray for you?" He answers "I want clarity." "I want to know exactly what it is that God is calling me to do with my life." Mother Teresa looked back at him and said, "No, I won't pray for that for you." The guy was confused and embarrassed, and he blurts out, "but why, I only want what you've had for your life." "You seem to always know exactly what it is that Gods calling you to do." She looked back at him and said, "I sir, have never had certainty, what I have had is trust." "So, I'll pray that you learn how to trust."