Friday, October 26, 2007

Back Home

Well, we are back home as of noon today (Friday). Our house is still here, our stuff still here, lots and lots of black soot covering everything, and the smell of smoke everywhere.

Many many people went back to their homes only to find them gone - piles of rubble and pieces of medal. I'm thankful that we didn't have to go through that. Primarily because of all the energy that it would take to go through all the bureaucratic red tape -- how do you continue your full time job while navigating the insurance and building process? I feel for those people.

I'm thankful that I am not in that position, and I'm thankful that God has shown into my heart that most of my stuff doesn't mean that much to me. Is God using this evacuation experience as a call to further simplicity? Could be.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fire Part III

So much devestation, so much saddness, so much loss.

Many many good friends, however are back in thier homes and safe blocks away from other homes that are now rubble.

We are still evacuated -- the fire near us 0% contained. We were told to call back Thursday to see about the evacuation status. Found out today that an arsonist was arrested in our neighborhood about 2 hours after we were evacuated yesterday -- just can't get my mind around that one.

The winds are beginning to turn around, which means more moisture, more humidity and the fire being forced to turn back on itself and die -- good things.

Blessings, blessings, and more blessings to all who are going through this.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I woke up to a friend from Pasadena calling and asking if we were ok. Telling him that it was really smokey, but no word yet about how close the fire was, I saw a sheriff's car with lights flashing out my bedroom window "THERE IS AN IMMEDIATE MANDATORY EVACUATION IN PROGRESS, EVERYBODY MUST LEAVE THEIR HOMES IMMEDIATLY." We had loaded most of our important stuff (which surprisingly fits easily into one car)-- I really could do without all the rest of the stuff, but that is another post for another day.

Up 65 miles to Orange County and the folks' house, a nice restful day and now an evening watching fire come over the crest about a three miles away. 15 fire engines just passed by the house to the fire, so that is a good sight. As for now, we are refugees...kind of. Nothing like so many people the world over experience. But, a reminder of how little the stuff we have really matters.

Maybe God has us here to help my elderly parents evacuate -- hope not, but you never know.

Monday, October 22, 2007


Spent the day watching TV coverage as fires ravaged the county of San Diego, while walking around my house each half an hour or so to see if there was any smoke or flames closing in on us.

After a night filled with wind and more wind, woke up this morning to early calls from multiple friends told to evacuate, but no call for us, no flames visible, but enough smoke for watery eyes and parched throat. Now we are packing up the car -- still no fire real close -- but preparing ourselves what promises to be a long long night of watching and waiting, 90% sure that the fire won't come in the night to take our home. It's that 10% that's the kicker, right?

Prayers out to all of you who have had to evacuate -- so far more than a quarter of a million people, to all whose homes have been lost my prayers and my sadness.

Who could imagine that sitting around doing nothing all day would be so physically and emotionally exhausting.