Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve Reflections

It's but an hour and a half before the start of the new year, so I thought I would write a few words.

It's actually a strange and somewhat confusing time as we transition from this current calendar year into the next.

You see, my kidneys began to fad in a rather dramatic fashion in the beginning of December. Lot's of uncertainty as you can imagine. God is doing amazing things in our ministry and opening a lot of doors. I'm scheduled to go to Seattle for my first class at Bakke in 6 days -- unless their is marked improvement in the next several days, it will have to be postponed.

I'm convinced that the best explaination for what even the experts say is mostly unprecedented is that spiritual forces are at work and attacking what God has brought about. I read an interesting post on Sam Metcalf's blog that very much resonated with me and my experience. Read it here.

Many many people around the world are praying for healing. Like many people, though a followr of Jesus, the whole healing thing was not in my experiential paradigm. God has begun to change that in the last 6 months and has understandably excellerated this even more so in the past 15 days.

So, praying that God will chose to heal me, for his name sake, for his glory. If not, I pray that he will be glorified in whatever the outcome.

Thanks for praying with me and for me.